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School Council

Welcome to the Trinity School Council page

Although our school is on two sites we still have one school council which is run by Miss Walsh at Unity Place and Miss Whitfield at Brookwood Way. Miss Walsh and Miss Whitfield work together to ensure that the school council covers similar issues and works towards joint goals.

2023 – 24 School Council

Key Stage 1

Class 1B: Jamie W & Elisa W-R
Class 1H: Spencer M & Ivy C
Class 1M: Archie E & Avery T
Class 2P: Toby P & Millie D
Class 2C:  Lachlan R & Pippa R
Class 2W: Jamie T & Lola B

Key Stage 2

Class 3D: Thomas W & Evie D          

Class 3F: Hudson W & Addison S

Class 3H: Elliot W & Ellie C

Class 4W: Theo P & Annabelle C

Class 4C: Keaton D & Heidi M

Class 4J: Kaspa S & Talia F

Class 5K: Alfie W & Annabel B

Class 5D: Thomas C & Lilly B

Class 5W: Joshua A & Lucia M

Class 6G: Ethan P & Eleanor C

Class 6C: Charlie P & Grace F

Class 6K: Alex M & Casey L