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School's Out @ Trinity

Our Staff:

  • Manager: Julie McLean
  • Assistant Manager: Rosalind Whiteside
  • Assistant Manager: Carol Clarkson

Out of School Club Assistants:

  • Nicola Carter-Burslam
  • Dominic Kane 
  • Miss Dassu
  • Miss Cockcroft
  • Susan Robinson
  • Jo Shaw
  • Jennifer Dalley
  • Mrs Walker
  • Mrs Ashworth
  • Mrs Lee

Contact Email:

Useful Links
HMRC Tax-Free Childcare Account:
ParentPay:     How to Pay for Items      How to Top Up and Pay for Items


During the last week of every half-term your fees for the following half-term will be added to your ParentPay account. Fees must be paid by the due date in order to secure your place. Child care vouchers and HMRC Tax-Free Childcare payments are accepted. Please email for more information if you wish to pay this way.

Drop Off & Collection

Foundation and KS1 children should be dropped off at Brookwood Way from 7.30 am and brought into the Trinity Centre by the parent/carer and signed in to ensure they arrive safely. The children will be escorted to the main building at 8.45 am and supervised by School's Out staff in their classroom before the start of school at 8.55 am.

KS2 children should be dropped off at Unity Place from 7.30 am and must be brought onto the premises by the parent/carer to be signed in to ensure they arrive safely. Children should not be dropped off on the car park to enter alone.

The children will be directed to their classrooms for the start of school at 8.40 am.

Foundation and KS1 children will be collected from their classrooms by School’s Out staff and escorted to the school hall to be registered before moving over to The Trinity Centre.  Parents/carers collecting should arrive at School's Out by 6.00pm and ensure the child is signed out on departure.

KS2 children will be received at the entrance to the club by club staff and signed in. As there are times when children may be attending an extracurricular club, or being collected by a parent / carer from school, a register will be taken on arrival to ensure the safety and well-being of all children. Parents/carers collecting should arrive at Unity Place by 6.00pm and ensure the child is signed out on departure.

After school clubs – If your child attends a school based after school club or activity, the leader of that club will have responsibility for your child during his/her attendance. KS1 children will be escorted by the club leader to the school hall.  School's Put staff will collect your child from the school building after the club has finished. KS2 children will be directed from the club leader to School’s Out.

No child can be collected by anyone under 16 years of age. You must inform us in writing if anybody else, other than those listed on the registration form, will be collecting your child. Please ensure you have completed the ‘Emergency Contacts & Collection Arrangements’ section of our Registration Form.


A variety of hot and cold breakfast items are on offer for the children to choose from every morning.

In the evening, a light snack is available with a choice of items for the children to choose from. Options include wraps, sandwiches, toast etc. with a variety of fruit and vegetables, along with a drink of juice, milk or water. We vary the menu each day and it is displayed in the collection area for parent info.


There is a wide variety of activities on offer which the children can choose to take part in, these include ‘free play’, board games, circle games, team games and organised arts and crafts based around a weekly theme. In the evenings (weather permitting) we make use of the outdoor play area, playground and MUGA as often as possible.  Should the weather be bad we can also make use of the school hall so that the children can run off their excess energy! The children can also use the computers as well as getting help with homework and reading.


“Friendly, engaged and outgoing staff”

“Because it is run by the school I feel that my child is safe”

“Well looked after and cared for whilst at school’s out. He also gets the opportunity to do homework club there too-which is brilliant”

“I love that they can go outside if the weather is nice.”

“I like that my child has a choice of food at breakfast club”

“Staff care and are committed”

“As working parents it is so important to us that our sons wrap around care provides him with a safe, nurturing environment. We are confident School’s Out delivers this”

What the kids think….




‘It’s fantastic ‘

‘I like playing football’

‘Snack is really good’

‘I like how it is in school and you don’t have to leave’

‘We can do our homework here and get help too from the teachers’

‘I’ve learnt to play chess, it’s great’