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Our Teachers

  • RS with Mrs G Smith 
  • RB with Miss C Buxton 
  • RH with Mrs S Hunter 

Our Teaching Assistants:

Miss Rebecca Corlett, Miss Fehmina Dassu and Miss Hannah Shaw

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Reading & Library

Your child’s reading books will be changed weekly following on from their Guided Reading session in school. The day on which their book will be changed will depend on which reading group they are in.

Early in the Autumn term the children will be given some key words to learn (Biff, Chip, Kipper, etc.), over the term the children will gradually be introduced to reading books and will be given a book to bring home. As the children’s reading skills develop they will be given two books to share at home.

In school the children will take part in Guided Reading sessions, during these sessions the children will focus on one of their reading books, applying phonics skills and beginning to develop comprehension skills. At home please share the books with your child, take turns to read the text, talk about the story and pictures, encourage your child to use the pictures as clues when reading, spot familiar words in the text and enjoy reading together.

Please ensure that your child brings in their books everyday so that if the opportunity arises they can have an extra guided read session.

In the Spring term the children will bring home a Library book, this will be changed every Friday.


The children are taught phonics daily. In the Autumn term the children are taught in their classes, by the end of this term the children are put into ability groups and taught by a member of the Reception teaching team, this continues for the rest of the year. The phonics groups are fluid and children may move between the groups as necessary, based on teacher assessments.

We use ‘Phonics Play’(, at home you can access some areas of this website for free, you will find lots of fun games which will encourage your child to apply the phonics skills they have been taught in school.

Mr Thorne’s Phonics videos are great too, to learn and practise your sounds:

If you need further help with this or need to know which phase your child is working on please ask a member of the Reception team.


Please ensure that your child’s PE kit is FULLY LABELLED with their FULL NAME, in a bag labelled with their FULL NAME and CLASS. Earrings should be removed or covered with surgical tape for all PE lessons.

Friday is PE day in Reception however the children need to have their PE kit in school at ALL TIMES.