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Phonics and Reading at Trinity


In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, phonics is taught daily for at least 20 minutes, separate to the English session. In Reception, we build from 10-minute lessons, with additional daily oral blending games, to the full-length lesson as quickly as possible. Each Friday, we review the week’s teaching to help children become fluent readers. 

 We follow the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised expectations of progress: 

    • Children in Reception are taught to read and spell words using Phase 2 and 3 GPCs, and words with adjacent consonants (Phase 4) with fluency and accuracy. 
    • Children in Year 1 review Phase 3 and 4 and are taught to read and spell words using Phase 5 GPCs with fluency and accuracy.  

Any child who needs additional practice has daily Keep-up support, taught by a fully trained adult. Keep-up lessons match the structure of class teaching, and use the same procedures, resources and mantras, but in smaller steps with more repetition, so that every child secures their learning. 

We timetable daily phonics lessons for any child in Year 2 or 3 who is not fully fluent at reading or has not passed the Phonics Screening Check. These children urgently need to catch up, so the gap between themselves and their peers does not widen. We use the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised assessments to identify the gaps in their phonic knowledge and teach to these using the Keep-up resources – at pace.   

If any child in Year 3 to 6 has gaps in their phonic knowledge when reading or writing, we plan phonics ‘catch-up’ lessons to address specific reading/writing gaps. These short, sharp lessons last 10 minutes and take place at least three times a week.  

Parents are encouraged to support their child at home and are provided with a Phonics Handbook for Parents in order to help.  The Home/School Reading Diaries contain a section where weekly phonics sounds may be noted.   

Guided Reading 

At Trinity Church of England/Methodist Primary School classes are split into 5 guided reading groups, based on ability.  These groups are colour coded throughout the school to ensure consistency.  The school follows the Big Cat Collins reading scheme as the main reading book in EYFS and KS1 as this links to the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised progression. We also use some Oxford Reading Tree, Snapdragons and Pearson Bug Club to further enhance reading at home.  In Reception and early Key Stage 1, whilst children are in the earlier stages of becoming fluent readers, reading books are matched to the stage of phonics learning the children have encountered.  This ensures that the children can decode the words they meet in their reading.  In Key Stage 2 the majority of the books are Project X, Tree Tops classics, Pearson Bug Club and Collins Big Cat, with some poetry and non-fiction texts to supplement the scheme.  A Home/School Reading Diary is completed each time a guided reading session takes place to inform parents of the focus of the reading session and the child’s progress.  There is a section for the parent to fill in at home to provide feedback.